The nursery is very flexible in the respect that being a small friendly, organised nursery, it is very good at adapting to each individual’s needs.  The nursery’s flexible approach to each child’s induction and first days in the nursery is fantastic in that it allows each child ( & parent) to comfortably settle into the nursery at their own pace. This gradual introduction allows for the child( and Parents) to adapt to the change of starting nursery at  rate which reduces the anxiety and distress that many children and parent experience during this often first prolonged separation.

I have never found this approach anywhere else before and all my friends and neighbours at different nursery school have endured days and sometimes weeks of tears and tantrums when leaving their children at nursery.

Teaching and feedback is excellent, the teachers are always helpful and I am kept well informed of my child’s progress. 
I feel I am leaving my child in the hands of family members and my child speaks fondly of all the staff.

You treat each child as an individual and meet their needs, manage their quirks effectively. 
The variety of activities on offer is vast in any one session and the opportunity for outside activities is excellent. 
We have always found the nursery to be very flexible if we need to change or add additional sessions.

My child lacked a huge amount of confidence prior to attending nursery.  The staff and the general atmosphere at the nursery have helped him become a hugely more confident child.

I love seeing all the children sitting in circle and singing the ‘hello song, the weather song and counting the children.

The settling in routine helped my child settle in. The information on the whiteboard also is helpful as it means I can sing the songs at home with my child.